Hiring a New Employee?

The following information is to assist you in ensuring your new hires are aware of the registration requirements for documents. As some documents such as Verifications from other jurisdictions or transcripts for new graduates, can take anywhere from 6-12 weeks, it is important that these are requested by the new hire as soon as possible so their application is not delayed.

Please refer to Policy R1: Registered Nurse Requirements for detailed information.

Feel free to contact the office with any questions or concerns at registrar@rnantnu.ca

Required Documents

RN Initial Registration: The online system allows you to pay your processing fee and complete your application. Click here.

Government photo identification: A current copy of their Driver’s License or Passport, scanned in colour and emailed to RNANT/NU. Must not be expired.

Name Change Documents: Marriage or Divorce documents to be scanned and emailed to RNANT/NU. info@rnantnu.ca

Verification: The applicant must provide a Verification from all current and former jurisdictions where they have ever been registered. Forms to request these documents, to be sent to RNANT/NU, will be found on the jurisdiction’s websites.

Employer Reference: This is a two-part form that must be completed and emailed directly to RNANT/NU by the employer/agency. Must have worked for a minimum of 300 hours Click here.

Verification of hours: Click here.

Has your new employee previously been registered with RNANT/NU?

Reinstatement is now online here.

Evidence of fluency in English: If your new hire has not worked in an English (speaking and writing) environment for the past two year and has written the Nursing exams in French they will be required to provide a fluency in English test provided in southern locations. This can delay the applicant until they have passed the exam to the requirements in policy R1.

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