RN Reinstatement

PLEASE NOTE: It is the members responsibility to keep RNANT/NU updated on changes to their name, email, phone or address. 

The RN Reinstatement Application is for:

  • an applicant who was previously registered with the RNANT/NU to practice as a Registered Nurse and who wishes to reinstate their registration, and 
  • an application who is currently registered as an Associate Non-Practicing Member with the RNANT/NU and who wishes to obtain an active practicing membership as an RN.

Please note: It is a registration violation to be employed in the NT and/or the NU as a registered nurse without a valid license to practice in the NT and/or NU. This includes any orientation to an individual's role as an RN, as well as the completion of any employer requirements.

A $65.63 processing fee is charged to an applicant's credit card upon receipt of the payment authorization form. This payment authorization form is required to begin processing an application. Other documents (e.g. verification letters, references, ect.) are added to an applicant's file as they are received at the office. When all required documents are received, the Registrar reviews the entire application for registration eligibility and approval.

Once an application is approved by the Registrar, the applicant is contacted by phone or email. Approval application are valid for six months from the date the application is submitted, and the processing fee is taken. After six months, the applicant is required to submit a new application.

If you have any questions regarding the RN Reinstatement Application process, please contact the Registration Coordinator.


To apply for a Reinstatement of Registration as an RN with the RNANT/NU for the 2019 Membership Year, the following items are required:

1. 2019 Payment Authorization Form for all Transactions

2. 2019 Reinstatement Application Form RN

3. Verification of registration request from all jurisdictions with which you are currently of formerly registered.

4. References:

Employer Reference:  2019 Form A1 Employer Reference. and  2019 Form A2 Verification of Hours. Both are required to be submitted by each employer.

Two employer references are required, one from each of your two most recent employers in the past five years.

If you were employed by one employer for the last five years or more, we only require a reference form from that one employer.

Please ensure you have worked a minimum of 300 hours with the employer you have requested provide you a reference.

Colleague Reference: If you have less than five years work experience as an RN and have had only one employer, please have  2019 Form B Colleague Reference Form  submitted in addition to your employer reference form. If you have only been self-employed as an RN, please have two 2019 Form B Colleague Reference Form submitted.  

5.  2019 Information Share and Consent Form.

6. Valid Government Issued ID Scanned and sent to info@rnantnu.ca



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