2016 Registration Fees

All members of RNANT/NU are eligible for the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) services and assistance. These services include professional liability protections, legal advice, assistance with legal proceedings, risk management and education. The cost/fee for CNPS membership is included in the annual registration fees for RN and NP members. The fee is collected by RNANT/NU and forwarded to CNPS. Cost of CNPS membership for the 2016 registration period is $34.00 for RNs and $85.50 for NPs. This is $4.50 more than RNs and $11.00 more than RNANT/NU NPs paid in 2015. As a result, the RNANT/NU Board of Directors have approved an increase in the 2016 RN registration fee of $4.50 and an increase in the 2016 NP registration fee of $11.00.

News from Yellowknife Chapter

National Nurses Week May 11-17, 2015


“Nurses with you every step of the way!”- Tell us what this means to you and we will share your story with nurses in the NWT! A drop box will be available at Javaroma.

Monday May 11th:730-930pm – Nurses are invited to take steps to enjoying an evening with fellow nurses and others for Scottish Country Dancing at the Baker Centre.

Tuesday May 12th: 5-9 pmNurses are invited to join us for a meet and greet/pub night at Hot Shots in the Stanton Plaza to toast Florence Nightingale and/or enjoy Steak Night.

Wednesday May 13th from 7pm – A community event taking Steps for Healthy Living enjoying a stroll, walk, jog or bike along Frame lake on. Meet prior at Somba Ke Park in the auditorium area.

For more info call Vee @ 873 2013. Sponsored by the Yellowknife Nursing Chapter.

 RNANT/NU is seeking a Representative for the CAAPN Nurse Practitioner Council

CAAPN’s mission is to improve the health of Canadians by promoting and influencing the development, growth and integration of Advanced Practice Nursing in health systems.  The Nurse Practitioner Council (NPC) is a sub-committee of the CAAPN Executive Committee and is an expert, representative voice for Canadian nurse practitioners.

Term:  2 Years

Commitment:  Attend minimum of 4 meetings annually via teleconference


  • RNANT/NU NP Member in good standing
  • Current Clinical Practice Experience
  • Current member of CAAPN or willing to become a CAAPN Member


If you are interested in the above position please send a letter of interest and a copy of your resume to Donna Stanley-Young, Executive Director RNANT/NU by  e-mail to ed@rnantnu.ca or by fax to (867) 873-2336

November 03, 2014

A new tab has been added to our RNANT/NU website entitled:

                                                “Entry to Practice Exams”.

In this section, you can learn more about examinations for:

Registered Nurses – NCLEX – RN Examination

Nurse Practitioners – CNPE: F/AA (Family All Ages)


NCLEX- RN examination

Registration for this examination is now open. If you are an applicant who is planning to write the examination in 2015, please review the “Entry to Practice Exams” page of our website for more information.

CNPE: F/AA examination

The CNPE: F/AA examination is offered in Yellowknife two times a year in the spring and the fall.  If you are an applicant who is planning to write the examination in 2015, please contact the RNANT/NU office for more information.

NCLEX-RN: National Council Licensure Examination for

Registered Nurses


The NCLEX-RN will be the entry to practice examination to become a registered nurse in the Northwest Territories and Nunavut, as well as all Canadian provinces (excluding Quebec).  

Please watch the RNANT/NU website for updates regarding the NCLEX-RN.


NCLEX RN Item Development Volunteer Opportunities:

Opportunities are available for Registered Nurses to volunteer in the development of the NCLEX – RN examination in the roles of Item Reviewers and/or Item Writers.


Item Reviewers

  1. You must be a registered nurse in good standing.
  2. You must be currently employed in clinical nursing practice, working directly with nurses who have entered practice within the last 12 months, specifically supervising, preceptoring, or mentoring.

Item Writers

  1. You must be a registered nurse in good standing with a master’s degree or higher.
  2. You must be responsible for teaching and supervising basic/undergraduate students in the clinical area.


For further information about these volunteer opportunities and the time commitment involved, please click on the e- link for the NCSBN website:


2015 Registration Fees

As you know, the cost of professional liability protection from the Canadian Nurses Protective Society (CNPS) and membership with the Canadian Nurses Association (CNA) are included in your annual registration fees.  CNPS has determined that the fee requirement for 2015 will be in the amount of $34.00 per RN and $85.50 per NP.  These rates represent an increase of $4.50 for RNs and $11.00 for NPs over the 2014 rates.  The Board of Directors has decided RNANT/NU will absorb the cost of the fee increase for our members. Our members will pay the 2014 rates for CNPS professional liability protection for the 2015 year.

If you have questions about CNPS fees, the levels of professional liability protection, legal assistance or if you need advice with a nursing-related legal issue you can contact CNPS at 1-800-267-3390.

RNANT/NU Board of Directors and staff annually review its fee requirement to ensure the set fees allow it to meet operating costs.  The last of a five year fee increment, $ 50.00 approved in 2010 will occur in 2015.

Please be advised, the past practice of providing a fee rebate for those members not reimbursed by their employers will cease effective the 2015 renewal period.

Remember –  the 2015 renewal period is from October 1st to November 30th, 2014.  Any renewals received from December 1st to December 31st, 2014 are subject to a $100.00 + GST late fee.